Time Payments/Layaway Plan


We are offering a manual time payment service for the foreseeable future, due to costs involved and high administration fees to yourself, which come direct from the providers.


1 - Pay 50% now and 50% plus postage in thirty days.

2 - Pay third now and then another third in 30 days and then the final third plus postage in a further 30 days.

The time payments do include a small fee - 50p for option one and 75p for option 2 - spread equally over the payments (25p per payment).  This is included in the price that pops up on the Purchase options.  So you will see what you will pay on each payment.

Postage will not be calculated at the point of time payment purchase this will be added to your last invoice.  For approximate delivery charges please see the delivery information page.

After the first payment which will be taken immediately by your chosen payment method - you will receive an automated PayPal invoice for your next payments.  If you want to pay this over the phone, or wish to pay by debit or credit card or bank payment, rather than PayPal let me know and i can arrange alternative ways to pay.

You are required to pay the invoice within 48 hours of receiving it, should you have any issues with payment, please contact me immediately by phone, or be email or the contact form on this site.  I can tweak payment dates if you need it to coincide with a particular date, please ask, i will do my best to help were possible.

Please note there is no credit check for time payments/layaway options, this is a manual goodwill time payment/layaway system and i would ask everyone using to adhere to the payment structure, so i continue to manage and offer this service - the goods remain the property of Mad Dog Models and will not be despatched until final payment has been made, it does not effect any of your consumer rights.

Do not forget if your order is over a certain value and you have a Paypal credit account, you can choose to pay Mad Dog Models in full and have immediate despatch, however you are using Paypal as your credit supplier, please check out and see their site before deciding if that is an option.  This is a great option used wisely, but as with any credit option please use with extreme caution and read all the rules to avoid any nasty credit charges.  I have no affiliation with this scheme, but as a registered business with them you can use it to pay.