Photo Show Instructions

The show is being hosted on Smugmug - below are the step by step instructions if you have not used it before - it sounds involved - but once you have done a couple you hopefully find it straight forward - any questions just ask

Firstly a few extra bits of information.

On there is a buy photos and download photos - please do not use these buttons - do not download any photos and do not buy any (as it is linked to my account i will get billed, i have partly disabled them, but the buttons appear.  I will be notified of downloads and people buying photos, anyone doing this will be removed from the show.

Follow this link

It will take you to the page below - click on the OWNER LOG IN

You need to use the above email address and the PASSWORD will be emailed to you after payment/registration.

If it does not take you to the main photo show site or if for any reason you need to get the show site as you have navigated away from it click on the PHOTOSITE tab and that takes you to the main page with all the files/galleries and classes, in each file you will find the classes.

Click on the class you want to enter and upload (it is in two different places, one on a phone and one on a PC)  but hopefully easy to spot.  

Once you have uploaded your picture to the class, you will get the screen below - go to the big X next to the class and close the uploader, your pic will now be in the class gallery.

Final thing to do - add details - click & open your photo  and a menu will pop up at the side (if it disappears, just move your mouse back over the photo), hit the 3rd icon down - photo information

this will now bring up this screen

Click  ADD PHOTO DETAILS & add the information required to the TITLE box, SAVE  close the screen with  X in the corner and that is it.

One final thing if you want to delete move or edit the description, click on your photo and the menu will appear (see below).

Click on the i logo (photo details) and you can amend any errors, click save when you have made your changes.

If you want to delete or replace the photo. click on the spanner and choose delete or replace.  Please double check it is your photo you are deleting.