New Year Photo Show Rules & Information

Entry limits as per the main page, if you find you go over, please drop me a note and i can send you an invoice to upgrade. Please stick to the limits you have purchased, we will be cross checking entrants and limits.

The show will close for payment and registration on 12 noon (UK Time) on 2nd Feb 2022, you will then have a further week to complete your entries.  From 12 noon (UK Time) on the 9th Feb 2022 the password will change and judging will start.  It may take up to 4 weeks to judge the show, depending on Judge availability etc.  


Artist Resin & China  (95 classes) - All Artist resin and artist chinas either finished by sculpting artist or custom painted/glazed - please include Animal Artistry in this section

Customs (95 classes) - All commerically available altered pieces.  this includes commercial Chinas, Breyers etc, anything that has been altered in anyway from how it was received from the manufacturer.

Original Finish Plastic (95 classes) - This includes Breyer, stone, Hartland. Plastic type models that are/can be classed as collectibles.  This includes special runs, DAHs etc.   No Copperfox (separate section)  or items such as brands mainly aimed at the toy market, Papo, Schielch, action figure models etc. see below for their section.

Artist Craft and Toy Models (95 Classes).  This is for Julips, Equorum, Ruddernedz, Collecta, Schielch, britians, plastic toys, and any handmade type pieces (wood, felt or any craft made item) or pieces predominately designed as toys.

Copperfox Models (51 Classes)  - For all your Copperfox models horses and foxes.  Both OF& Custom.

Commercial Resin & China (95 classes) - this is for all your Hagen Renakers (include latest HR releases), Beswick, Border Fine Arts, Royal Worcester and any item you would have or can be found in a store.  

Animals & Medallions (27 classes)  There is a section for Model animals (custom & OF) and then medallions and busts by colour.

If the classes get too big, they may be split by gender or breed, this will depend on entries and time.


This is a British type of schedule and does had a biased towards British Breeds.  Hopefully the class titles are fairly clear, but any queries please drop me an email, or pm me through Facebook.

Information on Warmblood classes

Warmblood Breeds European Pure - this includes breeds such as Hanoverian, Holstein, Oldenburg etc.

Warmblood types & Sportshorses - these are breeds such as American sporthorse, Dutch Warmblood etc - they are in the Partbred & Registry section of each division.

The Partbred & Registry section covers all types of Cobs, show ponies, PBAs, sporthorses.

Historical coloured pieces, i.e colours no longer accepted by the breed standards, please add these to the fantasy class and if there are enough entries i will split them out.


All classes, apart from the medallions, will be judged by standard UK Photo/live rules.  Conformation, biomechanics and breed type will the main criteria.  However, as this is a photo show, the photo must be clear and nothing covered up with foliage/scenery etc.  However the way the model is presented and the quality of the piece (i.e no noticeable marks and broken pieces) may and will be taken into consideration should it be necessary. Photos can have any background as long as the model is clear.  The photo quality is important as out of focus, too dark or too light photos make it hard to judge, however, unless the photo quality is very poor, the photo quality, will only be taken into consideration to decide final placings if there is a split decision.  Photos can help your models show presence.

I will judge a large part of the show, (I have had 40 years of judging live and photo shows, judged and competed at real shows, many years ago at a local level) though i am hoping there will be some other British Guest judges, doing divisions or sections.  Remember we are all human and sometimes the large amount of entries can make it quite a mammoth task.  So the judges decision is final.  If you feel there is a major issue with any class, please let me know, but we will try and avoid all errors and oversights.  Also remember this is a British judged show and some of breed standards may vary slightly to other breed societies around the world.  I love entering other countries shows as some models that do not do that well over here in the UK, storm the ring in other countries.  So come on over and see how you get on in the UK.

How to enter  

The link for the how to upload photos is on the main show page.

Once you have paid - you will receive an entrant number and the password to enter the smugmug site, please allow 48 hours to receive this after payment.

The details that must be on every photo are the name of the model, the breed, the gender and your entrant code, without these your photo will not be judged.  It is the entrants responsibility to ensure the model is in the correct class and complete with the details required.  I will attempt to contact people and/or move models if time. allows.

if you want to add a link for a breed reference please add it to the link, unless it is something. really unusual there is no need.