Welcome to Mad Dog Models the European Stockist of the amazing range of Copperfox Model Horses.

We are a brand new company that has been in the making for some time. So bear with us as we tweak the site and add extra pages and links over the coming months.

We have our first great sales weekend over the mad weekend that was Breyerfest in mid July, peoples orders have been going out and still going out as stock comes in.  We have stock on the shelf ready to go, if you r favourite is not showing as available let me know i can check if we can get it in.

Meet the Models page - this is a work in process and over the next few days, there will be history and details added. Do you want your model on the meet the model page. Customs, OFs and models in performance would be amazing, I want to build a gallery of models up as we progress. Drop me an email at, with details of your model and a picture. I would be honoured to include them on the site.

Products, there are loads of exciting new products coming in the current moulds, plus a number of really exciting new launches. Unfortunately, the current virus issue is impeding some of those plans moving at the pace we would like, but the new owners of Copperfox have a whole new set of suppliers and I am so excited to be able to offer them to the European collectors.  

We may put buying limits on some items, to make sure more people can get a chance of owning a desirable or limited piece.

Stock is on the way, but due to current restrictions we may have delays, under normal circumstances our stock would be here now.  Even some of the packaging is holding things up as it is stuck in transit.  So please check the product description as some will be  sort of presales - the goods are made and on the way, but depending what country they are coming from it may be a few weeks before despatch.  Each product will give you an expected despatch time.  We will notify you of any delays and you are covered by our cancellation and refund policy.  You will get a full refund if requested on a paid in full product that is delayed beyond the expected time.

Yes we are planning to have some European runs, Julia and the team at Copperfox and Mad Dog Models are committed to making Europe a great place for Copperfox collectors.

Poor exchange rates, high international postage costs and customs changes could have made owning a new Copperfox piece troublesome for European collectors, and I know there was some disappointment that Copperfox moved away from the UK, but I have been so impressed with the new owners commitment to the UK.

As most of you are aware Becky and Sharon brought us some amazing horses back in 2015 and made a big impact on the hobby until 2018 when they decided to shut their doors. Then....

Copperfox Model Horses was purchased by the very first Ambassador for the brand, Julia Eldridge~Nichols in mid-2019. Hailing from New England, Julia had run several successful businesses and been part of the hobby since the 1980's. Also a part of the new team included her son Cody, who specialized in business management to assist with the family business. A new social media manager Sarah, and Paige, a creative marketer joined the group along with countless vendors, artists and technical team members, including original artists and previous company contributors. The team researched the feasibility of moving the company to the US for over a year, finally settling escrow and incorporating 5th of May 2019.

In the fall of 2019, funding and engineering began for the project. The first item on the agenda was getting the British shire into plastic, which had a great many steps to accomplish.

Due to his original sculpture having been destroyed, the Copperfox team worked tirelessly with the original sculptor and multiple CAD houses to ensure Winston was produced true to every detail of the original. In early 2020 the operations were to be moved to a large warehouse with 60 painters and artists on site. Whilst Copperfox remains a small family owned company, they are mighty-and ready to bring Copperfox back into the market again.

So here we are today on the edge of something exciting for Europe, we will be attending live shows, hopefully outside the UK as well, we will be holding live shows, photos shows, all sorts of stuff once the country and world get back to a bit more normality.

Watch out for products being listed on the site in the next few days, details will be sent to Newsletter subscribers by email and on social media - release times will be at a normal UK /European time. we have lots of things over the next few weeks and as the supply chain opens up then we will be full steam ahead.

If you any questions or concerns drop me a note from the contact form or via FB messenger.