Copperfox Pewter Jewellery

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Copperfox Pewter Jewellery

A lovely range of hand made polished Pewter cast pendants and charms, all come in there own branded Copperfox boxes.


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Necklaces - £24 each come complete with chain or leather necklace.  There are two options

The silver chain is an 18"/457mm Sterling silver Weight: 2.3g, 0.93mm diameter.

The Leather chain is 3mm Diameter Round Black Leather Finished Necklace 17.7" /450mm plus Sterling Silver clasps.  The pendants are slightly larger and heavier than the charms/earring pieces.

ONE LEATHER NECKLACE WITH 3 PENDANTS.  They slide off, so can be easily interchanged - add beads, have a fox day, welsh day and a shire weekend.  £55.00


Earrings - £28 - each set contains a matching mirrored horse or fox. The are attached to to a fish hooked style (pierced ears only) 0.80mm gauge Sterling Silver wire.  16.7mm from the end of the wire to the top of the hook and are 10mm wide across the top of the hook. 20mm wide from tip of tail to loop. 


Charms - these are attached to a charm slider (please note the charm sliders may be different ot the illustrated pieces below) the sliders are Tibetian silver/metal type material.  You can remove the slider and jump ring if you wish.  The picture of the made up charm bracelet is my personal piece and shown as what the look like on a bracelet.  The plastic bottle cap is to show scale - it is off a standard fizzy drinks bottle, which I believe is the same size across Europe.

There are three purchase options   -  1 - Singles £16,   2 - set of 3 (one of each style) - £45 -,   3 - six pieces, two of each style mirrored - £85. SOLD OUT



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