Each lucky dip tub contains two moulds and there are three Bran tubs (2 moulds per tub).

Scroll down the page and click on the product that covers your area, to check prices and purchase.  All prices for blind boxes include shipping nothing extra to add.  Saves min of £7 per piece.

You can buy as many blind boxes as you like.  If you buy the 2 or 3 piece option I will pull from different tubs, this way you get 3 different pieces. If you buy more than 3 you may end up with multiples, there is the option for up to 6 pieces. 

There is also a chase piece in each tub there is one cute micro pewter fox, (currently hiding out with the Bee) these are from my own personal collection and a gift from me.  You cannot buy them and the only way to get one was to buy the limited edition full sets (a few sets are still available).  It will be nice to see some of my skulk of micro foxes off to new homes (only three up for grabs).